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>> from Else Break Labs


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NameSpace is a Creative Commons party game from Else Break Labs about getting progressively quieter and more ridiculous. It's adapted from fun things like Celebrity, Charades, and (most directly) Monikers by Alex Hague and Justin Vickers, and involves finding a way to communicate something specific while not actually saying it out loud.

NameSpace (like Monikers) is played in three rounds made up of alternating turns with two teams of players. In each turn, a player from the current team has sixty seconds by default to get their teammates to guess as many prompts as possible from the prompt list by giving clues about the prompt's identity. Teams are awarded points for prompts they guess correctly. A round ends when all prompts from the prompt list have been guessed correctly. The game ends after three rounds.

Round 1 :: Use any words, sounds, or gestures. You can't use the prompt itself. If you use any part of the prompt, you have to skip that prompt and it will be returned to the bottom of the prompt list. Reading the clue text is allowed.

Round 2 :: Use only one word as a clue. It can be anything except the prompt itself or the prompt in another language or a rhyme. You can repeat that word as much as you like, but no other sounds or gestures.

Round 3 :: The charades round. No words, just act out the prompt. Sound effects are OK (within reason).


I made this because I really like Monikers, and always want to have a version of it with me. It's available for free and if it can make your day better, then I consider it a success. Enjoy.