Teaching Statement:

About 6.7% of the world gets to go to college.

About 14% of that 6.7% is in a position to study art.
If you are here, you are rare.

You are also a product of billions of years of development. You are out of beta. I am here to support your further phases. To challenge you in the pursuit of a strong, creative self. What does that strength mean? Well, that isn’t totally up to me. It’s a collaboration. New media art is about the use and misuse of relatively untested technologies to cultivate an understanding between human beings. It was born in a generation gap and, because it fundamentally changes from year to year, precludes traditional mastery. As far as the art-world is concerned, we are the wild west, the unknown. The work you make here, the ideas you think and say will not be rehashes, but remixes. In one of the last ages where this will be possible, you have the chance to assemble something new.

You are rare.
Now, over the next semester, show me what that means.